Saeco Aulika Evo

Aulika Evo: Made for Coffee Professionals


The proven professional technical solutions of the Aulika range have been integrated by a new capacitive interface with backlit photo icons that offers a wide range of direct-to-touch beverages. The dispensing area of the various Aulika Evo models has been equipped with blue and white LED lights that turn on and off following the beverage preparation phases, providing a touch of elegance and sophistication.

The large capacity water and coffee tanks, also increased for the Evo Focus and Evo Black models, the presence of double hydraulic circuit for Evo Focus and Evo Top HSC and features such as the High Speed Cappuccino of Evo Top HSC, that reduces the time required for the preparation of milk-based beverages, ensure a reliable performance also in high daily consumption locations. Cleaning and maintaining for the Aulika Evo range are easy, thanks to the presence of a complete set of Maintenance Accessories supplied with the machines, including a water filter, lubricating grease and cleaning tablets for the brewing unit.

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